Three Simple Yet Useful Tasker Profiles

The more I’ve been using Tasker the more I love it but my battery doesn’t like it as much as I do. However the trade off is worth it, the added functionality from using Tasker is far greater than its’ drain on my battery. Some of the simplest Tasker profiles can be incredibly useful, the three

How to Automatically Download Coursera Course Material Daily

So recently I made a post about how I was going to start sharing some of the stuff I’ve coded. I decided to start with the batch script I use to download my Coursera course material each night. Basically you just have to follow these three steps: Download and setup the Coursera Downloader [Python Required] Download or

New Apps Page

In my free time I like to program or write code. What I do ranges from setting up a script to autodownload Coursera course material every night to fully developing Android applications.  I have decided to share some of my coding creations with the world, not that I think they’re that special or well done but

Criticalawesomeness: New CMS, New Website

It’s that time of year again. The amount of work I have to do dips into an all time low so I decide to take on additional projects. This week I decided to move Criticalawesomeness from Drupal to WordPress because Drupal was overkill. I was spending quite a bit of time making sure that the

Android App of the Week: 7 Little Words

Beware this app is extremely addicting. It is perfect at being challenged without overwhelming and lets just say I’m not quite the wordsmith. How it works is you have these little word segments that you have to combine to satisfy the word clue. There are 7 clues and therefore 7 solutions. You even get some

Android App of the Week: Battery Widget Reborn

This extremely useful battery widget is easy to use and elegantly designed. With the customizable widget you can at-a-glance tell your battery percentage remaining, or percent charged if charging. Using the notification in the notification bar you can see a chart of your batteries charge history and projected future life. Additionally the widget has the

Android App of the Week: RunPee

Based on the name alone, you may be slightly worried about what exactly this app entails. Thankfully, this app isn’t about peeing while running, it’s about finding the best time during a movie to go use the restroom. Movie tickets are expensive these days so if you are going to have to miss part of a

Android App of the Week: Pictarine

Let’s say you want to show someone some pictures of your recent trip to Cabo but you can’t seem to find all of them anywhere. You check in your gallery then you have to open up each app for all of the photo sharing services you use (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Dropbo, 500px, Photobucket, Shutterfly,

Android App of the Week: Changelog Droid

When you have app updates from Google Play it’s never just one update, it’s at least half a dozen updates for a variety of apps. The trouble is, finding out what exactly has changed in the newest version. If you have apps with kind-hearted developers usually you get a pop-up letting you know the changes

Android App of the Week: StickMount (And how to increase your devices storage!)

What is frustrating is trying to move a large amount of images, videos or music to your device but it tells you that you are out of storage space. First you try deleting your app cache, as if there’s be a few gigabytes worth of cache just sitting around. Then you flip through the apps